Alissa Pryor, the owner of a high-end antique shop. believes she can manage the past. Then she meets a man with the past locked so deep inside him she can’t pry it out. That man, Peter Curtis, the celebrated author of strange, dream-like novels, has been searching for his brother, the world’s greatest contortionist, Javad Bagheri, “The Snake Man.”

By chance or by fate, around the time Alissa meets Peter, she acquires a chest. And when she opens it, something comes out of the shadows. Suddenly everyone who possesses the chest winds up dead. And not simply dead. Broken. As if they’d been folded to by packed. In a box they didn’t fit into.   As Alissa begins to unravel the mystery that drives the enigmatic Peter Curtis to find his brother, she finds herself in the deadly sights of a killer who will stop at nothing to reclaim the chest and its poignant connection to his past.

$20.00 | 172 pages | BLACK AND WHITE